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How to Hack a Password on Computer

Summary: Hack computer login password with Windows Password Recovery Corporation or password reset disk

hack password on password

How to hack computer password when you forgot your computer login password? Most computer users would consider it as an unimaginable thing because they think that could be only done by certain computer geek or hackers. But actually the fact is not really so. It is easy for us PC users to hack into a computer login password successfully. For example, hack computer administrator password with command prompt/safe mode/password reset disk/installation CD, etc.

To hack a computer password, find solutions online within hours. After trying more than 5 ways to hack into login screen, recommend two of them that are very effective. Followings are the 2 solutions.  

Solution 1: DIY a password reset disk with Windows Password Recovery Corporation

Windows Password Recovery Corporation works for Windows 7/XP/Vista/Server 2003/2008, etc., local or domain administrator password recovery. Specific steps are as follows:

Solution 2: Hack computer password XP with created password reset disk

It is a secure way to hack computer login password and also a good precaution to prevent you from forgetting your windows password. Unluckily, I didn't prepare such a windows XP password reset disk in advance. However, I tried it on another of my computer, it worked very well, pretty fast. To create such a disk is not complicated at all. Below are the steps:

Hack computer password by using Windows Password Recovery Corporation is a very useful solution when you didn't prepare a windows password reset disk in advance. The Windows Password Recovery tool will certainly help us hack into computer with a CD/DVD or USB disk efficiently!

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