Break Windows 8 Password

2 Easy Ways to Break Windows 8 Password

Summary: We included methods on how to break Windows 8 password with or without password reset disk.

Windows 8 password not working, try again? What to do? Well, don't feel sorry or anything, it's quite a common thing to lost or forget Windows 8 password, in the face of such an universal problem, there are bunches of methods available to break password in Windows 8 and get you out of the trouble. 2 general methods will be introduced to break Windows 8 password in this article, namely, to break Windows 8 login password with reset disk and break Windows 8 login password without any reset disk, under each category, there may be more than one method, let's go find out.

I. How to Break Windows 8 Password without Reset Disk

To break Windows 8 password using cmd requires no reset disk or any of the sort, however, it'd be easy if you are able to login to your computer with another admin with administrative privilege. Here's how:

Break Windows 8 Password

II. How to Break Windows 8 Password with Reset Disk

Although, to break Windows 8 password with Windows 8 password reset disk might a bit harder, hence the rate of success. This method can break Windows 8 administrator password as well as other Windows 8 login password. 2 major ways fall into this category.

how to break windows 8 password

1). Break Windows 8 password with built-in password reset wizard

To use this method, it's necessary that you have created a Windows 8 password reset disk in advance. If you didn't, go to method 2, if you do, follow the 3-step guide:

2). Break Windows 8 Login password with Windows 8 password breaker

Here's how this method works: Download Windows 8 password breaker image file and burn it to a disk or USB for the locked computer to boot from and conduct Windows 8 password break within the program. Here's the specific guide:

Note: With this edition, you can also create a new account by discarding the forgotten one and login with a new account and new password. In addition, there are several editions of Windows 8 password breaker with different degree of authority over the password, choose them to your satisfactory.
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