Acer Password Reset

How to Recover Password on Acer Laptop

Summary: Unlock Acer login password with following easy ways.

Reset acer password

Acer password reset is needed for number of acer laptop users. If forgot acer password after a weekend or holiday or for kinds of reasons, to remove acer password will be anxious for us to find ways for Acer password recovery. Today, we share some common ways for acer password removal.

Firstly: Are there still accessible accounts with administrator rights?

The accounts also include the built-in or default admin account in system. If the built-in account still can login computer, we can do as the steps below (take acer Window 7 laptop as example):

Secondly: Is there acer recovery disk?

Few of us may have the acer password reset disk created before we lost password. That's to say, we should create this reset disc once we set password for our acer PC. When we forgot acer password, we can take it out and use it help us recover acer laptop password. Now, we can do as following steps to create a password recovery disk (take acer Windows XP as example):

Thirdly: Is Windows password recovery software the most efficient way?

The most saving time and efficient way to recover acer password is to use professional reset tool. Such as the popular Windows Password Recovery, it can keep our data safe and recover password quickly without technique and special knowledge. What's the more; it can be used for kinds of Windows Version even the Windows Server 2003, 2008 domain password. Just 3 quick steps:

The above three solutions for acer password reset are commonly used by acer computer owners. Save them and share them with friends around you. They will be useful if forgot Acer password one day.

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